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Stabilizing the Produce Supply with Vertical Farms

Quality and supply issues continue to stress the produce category and cause price volatility for suppliers, distributors, retailers, and consumers. More and more food industry leaders are turning to vertical farming as an innovative solution to insource reliable supply, reduce costs, and enhance sustainability.

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Vertical Farming Benefits for Food Organizations

There are countless cost-driven benefits gained across the supply chain and crucial health benefits for customers and consumers that are enabled by vertical farm operations, specifically AmplifiedAg.

Health & Planet Conscious Consumers

More than ever before, consumers are conscious of the origin of their food, and how it gets to them. Indoor grown produce meets the consumers’ demand for food that is fresh, healthy, nutritious, locally grown, has zero pesticides, and is produced with less harm to the planet.

Private Label & Proprietary Produce

The demand for private label products continues to grow as the buyers’ preference over national brands. Ability to customize proprietary and private label produce lines to serve various consumers and business networks.

Supplier Network Partnerships

Through the involvement and operation of a trusted supplier or grower network, food organizations are positioned to drive and diversify their produce offerings and support suppliers with new farming innovation. Additionally, increased local and farm community commitment by providing new job opportunities.

Favorable Unit Economics

Controllable and predictable supply, consistent high quality, minimized shrink, extended shelf life of produce, and the elimination of mass distribution results in higher profit margin for food organizations and cost savings for customers.

Sustainability and Brand Reputation

Enhance leadership in sustainability (ESG) and food innovation to your consumers, communities and vested partner networks. Reduced environmental impact associated with food waste, food miles (from distribution and imports), water usage, and the use of pesticides.

Food Safety and Quality Assurance

AmplifiedAg’s modular growing environments and software meet the meticulous standards and sophistication of the expansive supply chain, and produce high-quality premium-grade produce, beyond organic standards.

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Sustainable, Year Round Supply With Increased Quality and Food Safety

The current challenges in the leafy greens category are specifically at risk, and will persist and likely worsen. Localized production outside of Mexico and the Salinas and Yuma region is necessary to overcome these issues, and food organizations are uniquely positioned to take the lead. AmplifiedAg offers the most comprehensive, versatile, scalable container platform—with a proven enterprise model that achieves the highest yields for indoor leafy green production.

  • Modular infrastructure allows for seamless integration at food distribution centers, rapid deployment and scalability 
  • Localized production reduces costs, CO2 emissions, and other quality and health safety risks related to distribution
  • Proven and optimized for all climate conditions from hot and humid coastal areas to remote Alaskan territories
  • Segmented growing environments offer unparalleled food safety and protects against pathogen transmission
  • State-of-the-art farm software provides seed-to-sale traceability for extended supply chain visibility  
  • Predictable harvest and premium quality provide consistent year-round supply
  • An infrastructure that will enable new and novel crop R&D
  • Lowest CapEx and OpEx and fastest return on capital in the CEA industry

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Nationally Trusted & Innovative CEA Provider

AmplifiedAg’s platform provides food industry leaders with the readiness to scale and innovate with new indoor crop production. How? AmplifiedAg is the trusted vertical farming and technology provider for the USDA-ARS and their CEA Center of Excellence which is researching the production of various fruits, vegetables and even rice.

The container farm platform we provide our operating partners today is one that was designed from our years of experience operating an enterprise business, and also integrates expert advisory services and full farm operations support.

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Our team is driven by innovation in the vertical farming category, and we have designed an on ramp vertical farming model to support food leaders like you that want to modernize the food supply chain. Connect with our enterprise team today to learn more.

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