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Uncontained Innovation Stories

The combination of software, hardware and farm construction, and growing expertise creates a cycle of quality, consistency, and innovation for our partners.

AmplifiedAg Partnerships Are Growing the CEA Category

Operating the World's Largest Hydroponic Container Farm

Founded in 2017 to prove AmplifiedAg’s farm technology, Vertical Roots is beyond a proof point and leads the container farming category in CEA

Farm Platform Proven Results

Powering the First Coordinated Agricultural Project

USDA selects the AmplifiedAg platform for intensive studies to close the data gap between CEA and traditional agriculture and develop new standards

CEA R&D Farm Innovation

Enabling the First Saltwater Vertical Farm

Heron Farms harnesses the intelligence of AmplifiedAg technology to create unconventional saltwater growing environments to produce nutritious, salt-tolerant plants

Vertical Farm Tech Success

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