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Hydroponic Container Farm For Scalable Farm Production

Grow 365 Days a Year

Diversify Crop Production

Grow 10x Faster

~16,000 lbs of greens annually

The Most Flexible and Scalable Vertical Farm

Grow premium produce with predictable, consistent yields

AmpNFT container farms successfully grow a variety of lettuces, artisanal leafy greens, herbs, and microgreens for the consumer market, enabling CEA production for growers and food suppliers.


  • Up to 7,200 plant sites
  • Up to 5 vertical levels in 6 sections
  • NFT system utilized up to 95% less water
  • USDA certified, industrial-grade flooring


  • 2 water tanks for precision watering cycles
  • Automated fertigation optimizes flow rate, EC dosing, pH Levels, temperature 
  • LED proprietary full-spectrum lights: dimmable, zone control, and advanced scheduling
  • 5 Ton HVAC Unit, VPD control, CO2 supplementation
  • Air curtains to protect from pests and distribute airflow


  • Proprietary IIoT connects farm environment to AmpEDGE software for 24/7 remote monitoring, automation

  • Integrated software enables in-depth forecasting, reporting, food traceability, inventory tracking 

Purpose Built for High Quality Growing

R&D and Education

Our farms make practical classrooms for future farmers and clean research labs for repeatable, comprehensive data collection

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Food Service & Retail

We know how to navigate the supply chain for grocers and distributors, because we’ve done it ourselves

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Our food safe farm technologies offer a clean and controlled environment to execute cutting-edge studies 

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NGO & Government

Our tech enabled container farms are built to support today’s humanitarian causes and future food security

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