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Hydroponic Container Farms for Local Food Production

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Grow fresh produce year-round

1 farm grows 16,000 lbs. of lettuce a year

Scale to meet your capacity needs

Bring Local Farming to Your Community and Organization

Grow Fresh, Nutritious Produce That Is Always In Season


Our hydroponic container farms are complete with NFT growing systems that produce high-quality produce year-round with fewer resources.

  • Up to 7,200 plant sites
  • Up to 5 vertical levels in 6 sections
  • Automated NFT hydroponic system
  • Food safe flooring: Pecora Polyurethane, USDA certified
  • Precision watering and nutrient cycles
  • LED full-spectrum Lights: dimmable, zone control, and advanced scheduling
  • 5 Ton HVAC Unit
  • Air curtains to protect from pests and distribute airflow


Our industry-leading farm management software offers 24/7 control of your farm environment, alerts, food traceability, inventory tracking, sales orders and so much more.


Our team of advisors and engineers provide strategic planning and implementation support to help our customers plan, deploy, and manage successful CEA operations.

What Can You Grow?

Our hydroponic container farms grow seedlings into healthy, mature plants. You can grow almost anything inside our farms, but we have a proven model to grow fresh lettuces, leafy greens, and herbs.

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Looking For Financing Options?

We offer flexible financing options to help jump-start your business. One of our knowledgable farming experts can develop your personalized quote today.

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