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Modular, Hydroponic NFT System

For High-Yield Crop Production

365 Day Growing Season

Automated indoor growing shields against weather and climate

Holds Up To 7,200 Plants

Each 320 sq. ft. container allows you to grow any plant type

Uses 95% Less Water

Each farm uses and recycles ~10 gallons of water per day

Grow 10x more and up to 33% faster than field grown crops

Up to 17 harvests annually

Precision Controlled Environment

Integrated with our cloud-based software, you can automate fertigation, optimize air flow, and adjustable lighting at the tips of your fingers—creating the perfect growing environment.

  • Lights: Proprietary Full-spectrum, Dimmable, Zone Control and Advanced Scheduling
  • NFT — 2 Water Tanks : EC, Optimized Dosing, Temperature, pH Levels, Flow Rate
  • Air: 5 Ton HVAC Unit – VPD Control with the PLC / IIoT
  • Industrial Rated Floor – Pecora polyurethane food safe flooring
  • In-depth Forecasting and Reporting
  • Tracing and Tracking Functionality
  • Food Safety and Inventory Tracking

Operational Farms in 60 Days. Reduced CapEx with Scaled Deployment.

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