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Safeguard Your Farm Business and Guarantee Year-Round Production

Expand growing season with 365 production

Maximize profit margin with consistent yields

Grow up to 16,000 lbs of leafy greens annually

Diversify your crops with container farms

Expand Your Produce

AmplifiedAg’s modular controlled environments allow you to grow more fruit and vegetable varieties, any time of the year.

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Risk Mitigation

Our integrated software and segmented container model protects your business from pathogen transmission.

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Turnkey, Scalable Capacity

Increase capacity on-demand with AmplifiedAg’s proven format for high-quality produce with no major construction or production downtime

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Reduce labor

Modernize your commercial farm with AmpEDGE software to connect harvest data, inventory, and order management from one, centralized app.

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Vertical farming can expand the opportunities for traditional field production. AmplifiedAg container farms provide supplemental growing sources to expand a farm's seasonabilty, with consistent yields for increased crop productivity.

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