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Bring Vertical Farming To Food Distribution

Insource reliable, pesticide-free produce 365 days a year

Reduce OpEx from distribution and food waste

Customize produce offerings for customers

Increase profit margin with private label

Customers Demand Local

Integrate AmplifiedAg farms onsite, at your distribution center to reduce food miles and increase shelf life and quality.

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New CEA Produce

AmplifiedAg’s collaboration with the USDA enables our partners to be the first to implement new tech and trends in indoor-grown produce

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Make an Impact

Elevate your sustainability profile and community support by creating new agtech jobs.

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Trusted Expertise and Experience

We know what it takes to operate an enterprise vertical farm at distribution centers, because we’re doing it ourselves. The farm platform we provide our partners today, is one that was designed from our operating experience.

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How Can We Modernize Your Business?

Looking to diversify your products? Frustrated with inconsistent supplies and distribution timelines? We hear you—that's why we've created our modular, fast-expanding farm platform.

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