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Powering the World’s First Saltwater Vertical Farm: Heron Farms

Heron Farms harnesses the intelligence of AmplifiedAg technology to create unconventional saltwater growing environments to produce nutritious, salt-tolerant plants

AmplifiedAg powering a 5,000 sq. ft. Warehouse

Scaling Technology to the first outdoor farm in 2023

25 plants in Research and Development

Proven Nutrient Dense Crop Production

The AmplifiedAg Advantage

“For us, the advantage of partnering with AmplifiedAg allows us to focus on growing the business, because we don’t have to worry about the farm” - Sam Norton, Founder of Heron Farms

AmplifiedAg is Redefining What’s Possible for CEA Technology

Software Controls Salt Tolerant Climate and Creates Artificial Tides

  • Custom environmental parameters: pH, salinity, CO2
  • Automated sensor data, every 5 seconds
  • Real-time alerts
  • Reduced labor costs

Recapturing Fresh Water with Smart Hardware

  • Over half of natural seawater that goes into the fertigation system is recaptured as pure fresh water
  • R&D to connect to sister NFT farm for closed-loop CEA ecosystem

Flexible Tech that Adapts to Indoor and Outdoor

With analytical insight into plant growth from AmpEDGE, Heron Farms expands to operate an outdoor saltwater marsh farm in Texas, utilizing AmplifiedAg IoT Control System, environmental sensors, and software.

Explore the AmplifiedAg Farm Platform

Seawater Agriculture and Saltmarsh Restoration

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