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A Fully Integrated Platform Purpose-Built for CEA

A flexible, scalable and versatile suite of technologies that can be integrated into any type of farming environment.

Complete Seed-to-Sale Farm Management Software

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Remotely Control and monitor your environment
Finance and accounting icon
Complete business management and visibility
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Integrate front-end sales and back-end accounting systems

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Industry-Leading Hardware for Automated Control

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Smart VPD HVAC and CO2 control
Nutrient Fertigation Icon showing science elements, a water droplet, and a measure meter
Precise remote fertigation control
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Adaptive lighting control for intensity and spectrum

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Fully Enabled Farms for Turnkey CEA Deployment

Capital-efficient investment, scale to meet capacity
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Food safe, climate-resilient architecture
Segmented crop production

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Planning and Implementation Services

Expert advisors for horticulture and farm site design
One-stop for indoor farm supplies
Farm training and personal tech support

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