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Transforming Food and Agriculture Research for USDA-ARS Agencies

Led by Kai-Shu Ling, Ph.D., The USDA-ARS Vegetable Research Lab in Charleston, SC launched a CEA CAP with 16 AmplifiedAg modular labs

Powering First CEA Coordinated Agricultural Project

USDA-ARS in South Carolina aims to close the data gap between CEA and field agriculture and standardize indoor growing practices.

16 Vertical Farming Labs for Growing Diverse Crops

Inside customized growing chambers with integrated software, USDA scientists will study crop production with various CEA techniques.

Customizable LED Light Spectrum

Custom LED lighting and software modules to study the effects of various spectrums on plant health.

Key Research Areas in Crop Production

  • Nutrient Optimization
  • Plant pathology, breeding, and selection
  • Pollinator research
  • Automation processes

20+ Peer Review Articles to Be Published

Focused testing on leafy greens and a variety of fruits and vegetables to expand upon industry efficiencies and transparency.

Explore the AmplifiedAg Farm Platform

Proving CEA Crop Diversity





Sweet Potatoes



Salt Tolerant Crops



Flexible, Powerful Technology to Accelerate USDA Research

USDA-ARS agencies across the U.S. are expanding research programs with AmplifiedAg as a result of our comprehensive and customizable technology and hands-on support.
  • Modular lab environments optimized for any plant science
  • Customized hardware and software modules for novel research
  • Centralized data collection for global partner research
  • Maximum environmental set points for unparalleled control and accuracy
  • Accelerate results with consistent research and reproduction

Advanced Research With CEA Experts

If you are a USDA employee or other scientist, engineer, or innovator looking to advance food and agricultural research with AmplifiedAg technology, contact us today.

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