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Expert Services and Support

Every AmplifiedAg partner receives an immersive 2-day training at an AmplifiedAg farm that includes software, farm management, and horticulture sessions. Partners will also have a dedicated support contact to assist with troubleshooting

Site Build & Installation

AmplifiedAg’s farm installation team is composed of tenured professionals and engineers in software, hardware, electricity, heating and air, construction, and development. With years of experience developing the technology systems that power our fully integrated farm platform, our team provides valuable support to help plan, deploy, and maintain successful CEA operations for partners.


AmplifiedAg’s horticulture team offers a plethora of experience and knowledge in both industry and academics which makes our team an incredible asset to you and your growing operation. From training, product R&D, yield consultations, integrated pest management to nutrient analysis and optimization, we can help build the right processes.


Food Safety & Quality

Our dedicated food safety team possesses unparalleled expertise and has a  profound understanding of the produce supply chain and academic insights, which serve as a valuable asset for your operation. By leveraging our team’s collective knowledge and experience, you can confidently cultivate a thriving operation while upholding the highest, globally recognized standards of food safety and quality.

Business Development

We understand that the journey towards thriving agriculture businesses requires ongoing support and strategic guidance in many areas such as, SKU development, forecasting, prospecting, HR, and purchasing. We offer services tailored to meet your unique needs. Our team of experts is here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring that you maximize the potential of your indoor container farm investment.


Properly monitoring and maintaining the health of your farm is imperative to achieve consistency. Our expert farm team is always available through a streamlined support ticket system. We also offer additional software and farm technology training. We’re real farmers that are here to help. Rest assured, you will know our team by name.

Brand & Marketing

Our dedicated team has a deep understanding of the produce and CEA industries, key markets, and their consumers. Our creative and marketing specialists will maximize your brand value by discovering and promoting your unique story and selling propositions. We offer customizable, need-based creative and marketing services such as. Branding, signage, packaging, sales & marketing materials, strategic content creation and new and press.

We take the complexity out of developing a vertical farm, because we've done it ourselves

AmplifiedAg has operated enterprise-scale businesses with our farm platform, and our team of engineers and horticulturists have designed farm models, software, and consultation services for the success of our partners as well as our own business. 

Vertical Roots Case Study

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