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Vertical Farming Research Laboratory For R&D and Education

Enhance Replicability

Execute In-depth Research

Collect Data Every 5 Seconds

Trusted by the USDA

Versatile Controlled Environment Laboratory Designed for Horticulture R&D and Education

Conduct Cutting-Edge Agricultural Research

AmpLAB provides unmatched environmental control, robust data collection, and customizable growing applications to meet the research requirements of agtech, biotech, higher education, nonprofit organizations, and government institutions. 


  • Up to 2,400 plant sites
  • Dedicated stainless steel workspace with table, sink, and storage
  • NFT and Flood & Drain for dual propagation and growing functions
  • USDA certified Industrial grade flooring


  • 2 water tanks, utilize up to 95% less water than traditional field growing
  • Automated fertigation optimizes flow rate, EC dosing, pH levels, temperature 
  • Lights: proprietary LED full-spectrum, dimmable, zone control, and advanced scheduling
  • 5 Ton HVAC Unit, VPD control, CO2 supplementation
  • Air curtains to protect from pests and distribute airflow


  • Proprietary IIoT connects farm environment to AmpEDGE software for 24/7 remote monitoring, automation, and real-time analytical data 

Powering the first Coordinated Agricultural Project with the USDA

USDA selects the AmplifiedAg platform for intensive studies to close the data gap between CEA and traditional agriculture and develop new standards

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Purpose Built for High Quality Growing

R&D and Education

Our technologies are tunable to grow high quality plants consistently or to make teaching labs that inspire the next generation of farmers

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Food Service & Retail

Customers are prioritizing local. AmplifiedAg farms can be placed at your distribution center to simplify transportation and increase shelf life.

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Our food safe farm technologies offer a clean and controlled environment to execute cutting-edge studies 

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Vertical Farms

Our high-density growing solutions offer meaningful capacity to extend and diversify product offerings with ROI in mind

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What Can You Grow with AmplifiedAg?

AmplifiedAg container farms can grow a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, ornamentals and other specialty crops.

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