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Growing Food For A Growing World™

We’re Changing the Future of Food

It’s time to re-localize our food systems and provide communities across the globe with safe food to sustain livelihoods. We know what it takes to achieve this.

With our indoor farms and technologies, we can sustainably grow fresh, nutritious food anywhere in the world, without harming the planet in the process. Growing leafy greens today, and food for the future.

Our Sustainability Initiatives

Our Team

Don Taylor


Christina Kirk


David Flynn

General Manager of Technologies

Andrew Hare

General Manager Vertical Roots

Kurt Aken

EVP of Business Development

Cheri Linney

Sr. Director of HR

Jackie Jones

Director of Operations Vertical Roots

Our Partnerships

Our Vision For the World

Our vision is to create a global network of indoor farm operations powered by AmplifiedAg. The ability to create a community of farmers across the world will allow us to share information and make data-driven solutions to continue the evolution of indoor agriculture to feed people with safe food across the globe.

Boxcar Central and Tiger Corner Farms have consolidated under one entity, and now operate together as AmplifiedAg Inc.