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Advance Valuable Research for Agriculture Preservation and Biodiversification

Improve the crop productivity for the modern food supply

Accelerate research with replicable modular lab environments

Trusted by the USDA-ARS, Clemson, and Marine Corps Air

Tech Enabled Research

AmplifiedAg’s technology platforms enable research in plant tissue culture, plant pathology, molecular breeding, genetic engineering and more.

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Replicable Results

Customize, monitor, and control growing environments to provide full visibility and accuracy with data collection every 5 seconds.

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Advanced Traceability

Farms are built to USDA and Primus Certifications, and industry-leading smart technology.

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Engineered From Experience

Our network of engineers, scientists, and horticulturists enabled us to engineer a best-in-class farm platform to control and deliver unparalleled data for agricultural research.

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BioTechnology plays a vital role in indoor agriculture research by enabling the development of new crop varieties that are better adapted to controlled environments and with improved nutritional value and a resiliency to pests and diseases.

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