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Smart Hardware to Monitor and Control Your Farm

Our technology and components are designed to efficiently and effectively integrate into any type of CEA environment at any production scale.

Seamless Integration

Paired with our farm management software, operators can monitor and control farms in real time, 24/7.

Purpose Built

Designed to meet and exceed the needs of the modern CEA operation.

Risk Mitigation

Architected to minimize downtime and proactively alert to risks, keeping your farm productive.

State-of-the-Art Industrial IoT Controller

Customizable for any environment at scale. Connects your growing environment through the cloud, providing 24/7 remote visibility.

  • 20+ Custom sensor integrations including: temp, humidity, CO2, with add-ons as required (DO, ORP, Pressure)
  • Sensor reading every 5 seconds and rendered in software application for real-time data & precision management
  • Data and controls aggregated into one dashboard to view and manipulate

Precision Fertigation System

A self-contained automation system for managing water and nutrient levels for your growing environment. 4 built-in peristaltic pumps to add nutrients on a scheduled or periodic basis.

  • Simplifies watering and feeding
  • Reduces labor
  • Monitor the rate of nutrient uptake, flags abnormalities
  • Min-by-min display of EC, pH, temp, DO, and ORP
  • Reports activation frequency (duty cycle)
  • 4 additional pumps can be added

Compatible With Any Farm Environment

Types of farm environments, Container, Greenhouse, Warehouse, Outdoor, and Other

Planning and Implementation Services

Our team of advisors and engineers provide strategic planning and implementation support to help our customers plan, deploy, and manage successful CEA operations. 

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