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Improving Health and Decreasing Recidivism for Incarcerated People

It’s More Than Just Lettuce

AmplifiedAg has purposely developed a corrections container farm model to strengthen agriculture programs, foodservice, and reentry and rehabilitation services.

Our corrections container farm model grows 48,000 lbs. of lettuce per year and has the ability to improve the health and wellbeing of incarcerated individuals by increasing the availability of fresh nutritious produce, while decreasing the prison recidivism rate through meaningful job training in sustainable agriculture.

Why bring a container farm to a correctional institution?

Our corrections container farm projects are part of our mission to bring nutritious food and equal opportunities for job placement to individuals that need it most. 

Improve Nutrition & Produce Availability

Create a direct source for locally-grown, fresh produce and increase the nutritious foods offered in your cafeteria and food programs. Plus, you can reduce your overall food costs.

Decrease Recidivism with Agriculture Programs

Agriculture reentry programs have the lowest recidivism rate among any other programming, at a rate of 19%. 

Workforce Development

Vertical farming is a fast-growing industry in sustainable agriculture. The program offers real-world training and skill development that can be applied to many diverse career paths.

Positive Teamwork Environment

Beyond the farm experience, vertical farming promotes a positive work environment that sparks problem solving, collaboration, critical thinking, and leadership and organizational skills.

Mental & Physical Health

Exposure to plants, green space, and gardening is beneficial to mental and physical health, reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression–improving daily life behind bars and overall well being.

Creative Culinary Programs

Provide your culinary program participants with fresh produce to create new salads, wraps, and get creative with other nutritious menu items. Because lettuce grown onsite it stays fresh for up to 3 weeks in refrigeration!

Corrections Farm Design & Reentry Program

Farm Design & Operations

Our corrections container farm model is specifically designed for prison operations, easily adaptable to state and federal security requirements. The comprehensive design is a fully enclosed food-safe structure and features all elements of the farm: propagation container farm, NFT container farms, food packaging, cold food storage, dry storage, hygiene, and food-safe secure entry points.

Explore Farm Models

Reentry Program

AmplifiedAg has teamed up with Impact Justice, a national nonprofit advancing equity and justice, to manage the reentry programming for our corrections projects. The Impact Justice team works hand-in-hand with AmplifiedAg and corrections leaders to develop meaningful programming for individuals to obtain credible skills and training to take into the real world. Impact Justice is also responsible for job placements, housing, and other rehabilitation services for participants of the program.

Get Involved with our Corrections Projects

If you are interested in being a donor for our next corrections projects, or are an institution looking for innovative agriculture, please contact us

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