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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is AmplifiedAg?

AmplifiedAg is an agricultural technology company focused in controlled environment agriculture (CEA).

What is the mission of AmplifiedAg?

The mission of AmplifiedAg is to modernize and localize agriculture by enabling farmers and communities with vertical farms and technology. 

What does AmplifiedAg do? 

We’ve created a turnkey, scalable indoor farming platform to increase local food production. Our platform includes hydroponic container farms, controlled environment agriculture (CEA) systems, farm and business management software application, and an operational program with all of the tools, resources, and processes you need to grow nutritious produce.

Where is AmplifiedAg located? 

Our headquarters is located in Charleston, SC which is home to our farming, engineering, software and business teams. 

What does AmplifiedAg provide? 

AmplifiedAg’s indoor farm platform offers a suite of solutions and services including: 

  • Growing chambers for mature plant development
  • Propagation chambers for clean seedling cultivation
  • Farm and Business management software for end-to-end business processes
  • Hardware systems including: Lights, Fertigation, Irrigation, Temperature Control, and Environmental Sensors
  • Expert Support Services including: Sales, Marketing, Food Safety, Integrative Training, and Ongoing technical support
  • Ongoing Supplies including: Seeds, growing materials, nutrients, and replacement parts. Also see: What cleaning solutions and nutrients do you recommend.

Who are AmplifiedAg products best suited for?

Our farming platform and software application are designed to be versatile, flexible, and scalable in order to support the many needs and unique applications of indoor farming.

Our solutions can help many different industries such as: 

  • Farmers looking to diversify their business model and increase seasonal product offerings
  • NGOs and Nonprofits looking to increase food security for communities in need, and workforce development for marginalized populations
  • Educational institutions looking to teach indoor farming practices, sustainability and nutrition
  • Government agencies and research organizations researching new crop development
  • Biotechnology industries looking to improve plant genetics and produce clean cultivations
  • Retail and Wholesale distributors looking to insource fresh produce into their supply chain

Why does AmplifiedAg use containers? 

AmplifiedAg engineers modular farms by upcycling shipping containers. When reefer shipping containers reach the end of their life cycle, 10,000 lbs. of steel typically drops to the bottom of the ocean floor or in the landfill.

We believe in repurposing and utilizing existing structures and materials to build our farms, avoiding the high-costs and carbon emissions associated with new construction. Our CEO Don Taylor explains more in his “Why Container Farms” article

Can AmplifiedAg implement farms in other types of structures?

Yes—our hardware components and environmental control systems can be implemented in any type of indoor farm structure such as warehouses or modular rooms. 

I already have a farm, can I use your software?

Yes—our farm software application can independently manage any indoor farm operation, whether you have a container farm, vertical farm, or greenhouse.

Are there any climate or location limitations? 

Nope—you can farm anywhere, all year long with AmplifiedAg farms. Our container farms are resilient, and can grow food regardless of the season, climate, terrain, and weather conditions.

From Alaska to Massachusetts to Wisconsin and Georgia, AmplifiedAg enables local container farming businesses that are serving their local communities with fresh, healthy produce. 

AmplifiedAg also supports countless research and development programs to further vertical farming and CEA implementation.

What type of plants can I grow with the AmplifiedAg farm platform? 

We specialize in the production of leafy greens and herbs. However we’ve also partnered with the USDA to grow many different types of vegetables and floriculture products such as: Tomatoes, Berries, Rice, Potatoes, Squash, Melons, Trees, Shrubs, Flowers, and much more

We can help you select varieties of plants and crops based on your business goals and target markets.

How much food can one farm produce? 

Production output depends on what you’re growing. Here’s our numbers based on green butter lettuce per farm model:

  • AmpVPS: holds up to 81,000 seedlings. Cultivates seedlings within 2 weeks.
  • AmpNFT: holds up to 3,600 plants. Ready to harvest within 21-24 days. Produces ~1,000lbs per harvest (up to 16 harvests per year).
  • AmpEDU: holds up to 2,400 plant capacity. Produces ~700 lbs per harvest. 

How much does an AmplifiedAg farm cost?

Whether you’re purchasing one container or 15, we create a custom quote for each of our clients that includes everything you need for your indoor farming operation. Depending on your needs, your quote may include:

  • Container farms
  • Support containers for cold storage, dry storage, and packaging
  • Additional construction such a decking, fencing, and cover
  • Support services such as operations, sales and business consulting 
  • Farm training, beyond our complimentary 2-day training 
  • Estimates for raw materials, supplies, and even utility costs so you can be prepared!

If you’re ready to start your personalized quote.

Do you offer financing?

Yes—beginning in 2024, we partnered with a financing company to offer individual financing options, subject to approval. 

Do your products come with warranties?

Yes—we offer a limited warranty on our farms and some of the components.

  • HVAC Unit: 5 Years
  • Fans: Vendor Warranty
  • CO2 Burner: Vendor Warranty
  • Doser: 3 Years
  • IoT Control Box: 3 Years
  • Lights: 1 Year
  • Workmanship: 1 Year

What cleaning solutions and/or nutrients do you recommend?

We’ve spent years developing our recipes and food safety protocols. We’ve partnered with trusted suppliers for all operational needs including: cleaning solutions for tools, equipment, irrigation systems, work surfaces, mold and algae remediation, and seeds and nutrient recipes. 

How much electricity will I use?

The cost of electricity depends on your local power authority and how many container farms you will be operating. In our personalized quote, we will provide the average monthly kilowatt usage for your proposed farmsite. 

How do I maintain my farm?

That’s a great question! We provide our partners with best practices for farm maintenance that includes cleaning and sanitizing, and how to run routine checks on each of your hardware systems. We have an expert team of customer support technicians that can help with repairs and other issues.