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Support CEA Research and The Next Generation of Farmers

Customize research with versatile environmental controls

Conduct water, renewable energy, and plant pathology research

Bring real-world vertical farming experience to students

AmpLAB is trusted by the USDA and Marine Corps Air Station Miramar

Optimized Research

Customize, monitor, and control your growing environment for versatile research applications.

Explore Farm Models

Workforce Development

Promote diversity and agtech career pathing with hands-on training and STEM skills.


Enhance Replicability Results

Proprietary farm software provides full visibility and accuracy with data collection every 5 seconds

Explore AmpEDGE™ Software

Community Farms

AmpLAB doubles as a turnkey small-scale farm to support hyper-local community and non-profit farm programs.


Modular Configurations

Our modular design makes it easy to bring a high-tech agricultural experience on campus as a practical classroom, teaching lab, or R&D facility.

Learn About Configurations

Ready to Start Your Indoor Farm Project?

We've built unique solutions for schools, universities, and research organizations with varying requirements. Our team specializes in developing the best solution for your project.

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