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Scaling Container Farms to Profitability: Better Fresh Farms

AmplifiedAg helped turn a container farm into a scaling and successful business, replacing four inefficient container models with AmplifiedAg’s container farming platform

Scaling from 3 to 7 container farms in 2023

Demonstrated profitability in 18 months

Growing kale, collards, romaine, butter, oak leaf, crisp leaf

Increased yields 50%

The AmplifiedAg Advantage

“We grow 52 weeks a year in Georgia where the majority of the time, weather is extremely hot and humid. Before AmplifiedAg, we were constantly trying to adapt our systems to work in an environment that they weren't designed for. AmplifiedAg understands how to adapt their containers to different weather conditions.” - Grant Anderson, Founder of Better Fresh Farms

The Challenge: Growing Pains

Founded in 2016 by Grant Anderson, Better Fresh Farms is a hydroponic container farm business based in Metter, Georgia. For 5 years, Grant was running his farm business using four container farms from three different companies. Even with four containers, his business was struggling because of the units’ subpar performance and low-efficiency yields. 

Grant had an opportunity to expand his produce to more local retail markets, but didn’t have the reliable production or growing capacity to do it. So in 2021, he turned to AmplifiedAg.

The Solution: Scaling farm productivity and profitability

Grant purchased one AmpNFT  container farm, which replaced two of his existing container models while also increasing production 50%. Quickly after, he scaled with two more AmpNFT container farms to complete a 3-container farm site and retired all of his old container farm models. Within 18 months Grant was able to contract new buyers and demonstrate profitability for his bank to secure a loan to expand his business even further.

In 2023, Grant is scaling up his farm yet again to an 8-container farm site to meet the increasing demand for his fresh produce. 

As a partner of AmplifiedAg, Grant harnesses the expertise of our horticulture and business consultation services so he continues to make informed decisions inside his farms and on scaling his business.

Our Approach: A Scalable Solution

Because of AmplifiedAg’s expertise in operating enterprise-scale container farms, our team configures container farms in multi-container designs for meaningful and manageable farm production.

The level one configuration is complete with three AmpNFT farm containers, one AmpVPS propagation container, and additional support containers for cold storage, food processing and packaging, and food safety entry points–all fully-enabled with AmplifiedAg smart hardware and AmpEDGE farm software management.  From our level one configuration, our farm partners can easily add growing capacity to expand and diversify their production.

Ready To Level Up Your Container Farm?

We know what it takes to operate a container farm, because we’ve done it ourselves. The container farm platform we provide our farm partners today is one that was designed from our years of experience operating an enterprise business.

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