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S.C. Department of Corrections Container Farm Project

Our SCDC project at Camille Graham unites the missions of AmplifiedAg, S.C. Department of Corrections, S.C. Department of Agriculture, and Impact Justice to provide valuable career opportunities for people after incarceration while supporting South Carolina’s agriculture industry.

Key Benefits

Improve education, workforce development, and wellbeing for incarcerated people

Produce 48,000 lbs. of fresh lettuce annually = 4,500 salad servings per week

Support SCDC’s Second Chance Program and reduce recidivism

Strengthen the South Carolina’s Agribusiness Foundation

Our journey with S.C. Department of corrections

2019 – 2020

  • AmplifiedAg CEO Don Taylor and team members met with Rick Doran, Agriculture Manager of SCDC and Tom Osmer, Deputy Director of Administration, to learn more about farming programs in prison systems. After understanding the challenges of reentry and great need for job advocacy for people after incarceration, we proposed a partnership to establish container farms onsite SCDC facilities across the state to bring new agriculture job skills training.

2021 – 2022

  • After a pause due to COVID-19 pandemic, the need for a dedicated food source was more apparent than ever before. SCDC and AmplifiedAg solidified the project letter of intent from and our corrections container farm journey officially began.

January 2023

  • SCDC selected Camille Graham as the pilot location. AmplifiedAg developed a comprehensive farm site plan.

February 2023

  • Private funding was secured for the project. 

March 2023

  • AmplifiedAg partnered with Impact Justice to assist in the reentry and rehabilitation services for the container farm program. 

October 2023

  • S.C. Department of Corrections received state legislative approval for the Camille Graham container farm project. 

November 2024

  • AmplifiedAg and S.C. Department of Corrections announce the farm project to national agriculture leaders at the NAIA show in Charleston, SC

February 2024

  • S.C. Department of Corrections received final state legislative approval for the Camille Graham container farm project, and funding for the project was released. 

May 2024

  • Site plans were approved and the site construction began. 

Fall 2024

  • Camille Graham is expected to be growing fresh lettuce by October 2024. Stay tuned!

Read about the S.C.D.C. container farm in the news:

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