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Powering the World's Largest Hydroponic Container Farm, Vertical Roots

Founded in 2017 to prove AmplifiedAg's farm technology, Vertical Roots is beyond a proof point and leads the container farming category in CEA

180+ Container Farms and 4 Farm Locations

Serving Thousands of Retail Stores across the Southeast

Highest Level Food Safety Certifications

>10,000,000 Heads of Lettuce Grown Each Year

The AmplifiedAg Advantage

“To have a design and engineering team, a software team, and a farm team all collaborating together, we’re able to reimagine what’s possible.” - Matt Daniels, Co-Founder and Chief Horticulturist

Together We’re Modernizing the Food System

Expert Engineering

  • Continuous software updates
  • Innovating CEA hardware systems
  • Support growing farm infrastructure

Resilient Architecture and Infrastructure

Vertical Roots farms in subtropical climates with high risk of floods, hurricanes, and drought. Severe weather influenced AmplifiedAg’s modular design to avoid crop loss and sustain a controllable indoor environment.

Software Infrastructure Supports Scale

Maintain visibility from multi-farm operations, through supply chain, distribution, sales, and food traceability.

  • 2018: 19 stores, 1 farm site
  • 2020: 1,159 stores, 2 farms sites
  • 2022: 2,000+ stores, 3 farms sites

Learn About Our Platform Solutions

Trustworthy Expertise From Proven Success

As owners and operators of our own vertical farms we have developed lived and learned expertise through many years of experience in horticulture, engineering, and operations. We have a deep understanding of what it takes to grow healthy, nutritious plants and a successful business at the same time. Our mission to create a new food system by enabling the next generation of farmers is real, and our technology solutions are trustworthy.

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