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What Can You Grow with AmplifiedAg?

With AmplifiedAg's market and indoor growing expertise, we offer a road map on the best produce to grow in your vertical farm

Commercial Leafy Green Production

Based on our own operational experience, AmplifiedAg scalable container farms and CEA technology are proven to effectively grow premium hydroponic lettuces, leafy greens, and herbs on an enterprise scale.

  • Proven farm platform and operations program with positive unit economics
  • Consistent, high-quality 5 ounce lettuce heads 
  • Meets and exceeds the food safety and quality checks of retail and foodservice

Green Butter

Green Oak

Red Oak


Green Leaf



Swiss Chard

Bok Choy







Why Grow Leafy Greens?

Market Demand

More than ever before, CEA and vertical farming businesses are positioned to serve the leafy greens market. West Coast supply challenges continue to worsen, drastically reducing quality, safety, and availability – nearly eliminating it in some regions.

Client Demand

Retailers and foodservice suppliers are seeking more local and regional vertical farming providers to source reliable and consistent quality leafy greens to overcome supply challenges and distribution costs.

Consumer Demand

Consumers are noticing the benefits of indoor-grown produce, specifically leafy greens, and are demanding more. Local, clean, fresh, flavor, and nutrition are the key factors driving consumer loyalty.

What Can You Grow Next?

While leafy greens are a reliable and natural first step in vertical farm production, you want to invest in technology that is ‘future proof’ and has the flexibility to easily expand your produce offerings.   

AmplifiedAg farm partners are connected to industry leading research in controlled environment agriculture, positioning them as some of the first to implement new growing practices and new indoor grown produce varieties.

How so? USDA-ARS agencies across the country utilize our container farms and technology to research new crop development and CEA growing standards.  AmplifiedAg also conducts in-house research and development of nutritious and vital crops for commercial production and food security. Legumes, berries, rice, root vegetables, and even trees. 

If there are specific crops you want to grow or research, the AmplifiedAg horticulture team provides high tech laboratories and comprehensive support services to help you conduct and optimize your research, from environmental set points all the way to collecting and analyzing data.

Edible Flowers









Trees & Shrubs

Why Choose AmplifiedAg To Start Or Scale Your Farm Business?

AmplifiedAg’s container farming platform is the most flexible, scalable, and accessible vertical farming system on the market.

Whether you’re new to vertical farming or an experienced farmer, AmplifiedAg technology gives you the power to diversify, expand and optimize your farm business. 

  • Optimized controlled environment accelerates the growth of your crops
  • Modular, segmented growing environments allow you to grow different varieties of produce
  • Grow consistent, reliable high-quality yields all year long → increase your buyers’ confidence 
  • Meet the growing demand for CEA produce

So, are you ready to grow with AmplifiedAg?

Learn more about our farms and connect with an AmplifiedAg farm expert today!

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