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Cultivating Futures: The Power of Container Farms on Campus

Indoor farming is one of the fastest growing industries in modern agriculture. As K-12 schools, colleges and universities are looking to integrate vertical farms into their curriculum and campus community, container farms have emerged as the most effective solution. 

AmplifiedAg’s innovative approach to container farming empowers educational institutions to not only grow fresh, nutritious produce, but to cultivate a highly engaged educational experience, promote sustainability, and foster community collaboration. 

There are numerous benefits to bringing a container farm to campus, and here are just a few:

Controlled Environment Curriculum & Agriculture Research

AmplifiedAg container farms are utilized by USDA-ARS research labs across the country. Why not bring the same technology used by scientists researching CEA (controlled environment agriculture) to your school?

  • STEM Education: These farms spark interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields by demonstrating their practical applications in horticulture, sustainability, and environmental science. 
  • Advance Agriculture Research: Faculty and students can conduct experiments to optimize growing conditions, improve crop yields, and explore vertical farming techniques.
  • Partnerships and Funding: Having a container farm on campus can attract research grants and industry partnerships, providing schools with resources to advance their research and educational programs.

Create Real-World Indoor Farm Experiences

Used by real farmers that are operating businesses, AmplifiedAg container farms can be a powerful and dynamic educational tool that provide practical applications in agriculture, sustainable food systems, and business.

  • Real Farming Experience: Container farms offer a turnkey platform for students to learn and explore the indoor growing process from seed to harvest.
  • Business of Farming: Beyond the harvest, students can learn all of the business aspects of the food and ag industry including packaging, logistics, distribution, sales and marketing.
  • Career Development: Students gain valuable skills and insights into modern farming practices, preparing them to be the next generation of farming leaders and innovators.

Community Connections with Fresh Produce

Container farms bring food production directly to campus, supplementing dining hall and cafeteria items with fresh, nutritious, local produce–grown by your students! 

  • Grow Local All Year: Harvest a consistent supply of fresh produce, regardless of the weather condition or climate.
  • Local Food Security: Schools can also donate produce to food pantries and community outreach programs to promote local food security and equity.
  • Community Engagement: Container farms provide opportunities for schools to engage with organizations and members of the community, sharing knowledge about the importance of local agriculture, sustainable food production, and healthy eating habits.

What can you grow? AmplifiedAg container farms can grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables including lettuces, leafy greens (like swiss chard, bok choy,  spinach), tomatoes, peppers, berries, carrots, and much more!

Elevate Your School's Sustainability Initiatives

Operating your own container farm provides an opportunity to learn and activate sustainable practices across the entire food system including farming, distribution, and consumption.

  • Water Consumption: AmplifiedAg container farms have embedded hydroponic systems that use up to 95% less water than traditional farming methods.
  • Food Waste: By growing food on-site in your own container farm, you will reduce food miles and potential packaging waste. Fresh produce will last much longer (sometimes up to 3 weeks), giving you more time to consume or distribute. 
  • Composting: Create a compost program with the produce byproduct, or donate to local livestock farms!

Your Partner in Vertical Farming Education

AmplifiedAg provides a turnkey container farming solution, industry-leading technology, and unparalleled support to serve your school’s curriculum, education and food production needs.

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