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Of Note Podcast: Don Taylor, Growing A Sustainable Process: The Future Of Farming

Consumers today care about the freshness of their food—and where it came from. Don Taylor, CEO of AmplifiedAg, developed an innovative solution to improve agriculture processes and products. Research, visits to multiple large greenhouses and software expertise led him to discover how shipping containers could change the future of farming. AmplifiedAg develops and manufactures technology-controlled indoor farms in shipping containers, to produce food efficiently and economically, in any location.

The company delivers quality products using sustainable processes, which reduces waste and water consumption. Founded in 2018, AmplifiedAg first introduced their innovative product to local distributors in Charleston, SC, and are now operating out of six states. Their vision is to provide communities across the globe with fresh, safe food while protecting the planet.

In this episode, Don Taylor joins our hosts Joseph Nother and Laura McIntosh to share how he grew an industry-leading innovation and a like-minded team. Listen as Don discusses leadership, market strategy and software solutions.
Listen to Don’s Of Note Podcast now.