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Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit: Don Taylor on Building Enterprise Scale Software and Indoor Farms

The initial intention of Vertical Roots was to prove out AmplifiedAg’s technology and farm methodology: manufacture and put a large enterprise farm into production; operate the farm and business; prove the technology’s impact on growing product in a consistent fashion; and prove the market’s adoption of the product. In less than five years, we’ve grown Vertical Roots to be the largest container farm in the world growing fresh, quality, consistent produce 365-days-a-year, operating at global food safety standards, and available in over 1,600 major retailers and schools, universities and restaurants.

With this success, the overarching strategy of AmplifiedAg is to ultimately sell and deploy our technology, both software + electronics, and indoor farms across the planet. We’re dually operating as an enterprise scale technology company driving the adoption of indoor farming across the planet, and a farm production company driving the adoption of hydroponic leafy greens across the United States.

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