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Advance Valuable Research for Indoor Agriculture and Modern Food Production

Comprehensive food production research

Turnkey food production for emergency response

Conduct water, energy, and plant pathology research

AmpLAB is trusted by the USDA and Marine Corps Air Station Miramar

Modular Food Production

AmplifiedAg container farms provide a turnkey growing format that can be implemented in any climate or terrain, with little resources.

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Farm Deployment

Modular systems allow for rapid farm deployment and on-demand scalability.

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Optimized Research

Customize, monitor, and control your growing environment for versatile research applications.

Food Safety

Farms are built to USDA and Primus Certifications, and integrated software provides plant traceability.

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USDA Collaboration

“AmplifiedAg is proud to enable the USDA’s—first-of-its-kind— CEA scientific research which will lead to greater transparency, innovation, and adoption of indoor agriculture technology and indoor-grown produce, while addressing the challenges that impact our global food and agricultural systems. ” Don Taylor

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