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Fully Enabled Farms

Our modular, flexible, and scalable farming platform empowers turnkey deployment, expansion ease, and variable crop production—enabled by AmplifiedAg technologies for full automation and control.

Scalable architecture to enable growth

Supports land-use efficiency and diverse climate types

Delivers rapid implementation and capital efficiency

Protection from contamination and crop loss

Container Farm Models

Resilient architecture operates in any climate and provides food risk mitigation.


Propagates a wide variety of cultivars with proven strong development to support healthy mature plant growth.

  • Precision controlled environment
  • Up to 70,000 plant sites
  • 16 sections, 5 levels, 2 watering zones
  • Flood and drain system auto-controlled
  • Customized LED spectrum for propagation
  • Propagate transplants in 14-18 days
  • 99% germination is typical

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NFT Production

Precision controlled hydroponic growing environment optimized to produce high yields and built for the highest standards in food safety.

  • 3,600 plant sites
  • 21-24 day harvest cycles
  • 16 harvests per year in any climate (R Value 28+ insulation)
  • Customized LED spectrum for accelerated growth
  • Automated fertigation, irrigation, air flow, light schedules, and CO2 supplementation
  • Integrated-logic VPD control

Farm Configurations

Our farm construction allows for an endless set of configurations to support your capital investment, growing capacity to meet demand, and geographical area and climate.

Below are sample configurations to be used as a starting point in planning your profitable farm operation.


  • Yield: 1,000 lbs/wk
  • Grow Space: 2,700 sq ft
  • Acre: < 0.1


  • Yield: 3,000 lbs/wk
  • Grow Space: 8,100 sq ft
  • Acre: 0.2


  • Yield: 5,000 lbs/wk
  • Grow Space: 14,400 sq ft
  • Acre: 0.27


  • Yield: 10,000 lbs/wk
  • Grow Space: 27,000 sq ft
  • Acre: 0.5


  • Yield: 80,000 lbs/wk
  • Grow Space: 216,000 sq ft
  • Acre: 8

Planning and Implementation Services

Our team of advisors and engineers provide strategic planning and implementation support to help our customers plan, deploy, and manage successful CEA operations. 

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