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Smart Scaling: Bringing the Basil Bounty to Boston, MA

AmplifiedAg helped container farming company, Town to Table modernize their farm technology into a continuous scaling basil operation

Operates 5 AmplifiedAg Container Farms

Scaled capacity 40% in 10 months after launch

Grows wicked good local basil

Strengthening Town to Table’s Roots

Longtime best friends Jack Levine and Temen Kim founded Town to Table in 2019, based just outside of Boston in Weymouth, Massachusetts. Their initial concept was to grow greens in shipping container farms to serve their philanthropic mission with the local chapter of the Boys and Girls Club of America.

But their desire grew to deliver more fresh, sustainably-grown produce into the community. So they sought out a different farming solution that could deliver high-quality and high-volume produce to solidify new retail partnerships and keep up with anticipated demand. 

Jack and Temen partnered with AmplifiedAg in October 2022 to launch their new, modern container farm business for local basil production. 

Town to Table is dominating the Boston market with their fresh and flavorful basil. It’s grown locally and delivered to grocery stores less than 48 hours after harvest, making it a customer favorite. 

Earning Market Share with Smart Scaling

The farmsite launched with two AmpNFT containers and one AmpVPS container to produce hydroponic basil for their new retail partner, Roche Brothers Supermarkets.

Just 10 months later, Town to Table expanded their farm production 40% and added a new processing facility to keep up with client demand and expand with new retail partnerships.

AmplifiedAg multi-container farm configurations are thoughtfully designed to support a meaningful production capacity, enabling farmers to grow and harvest on a consistent schedule.

Being able to keep up with retail demand and deliver a consistent quality product is what helped earn more shelf space in super markets and grow their consumer fan base. 

Looking into 2024, Town to Table will scale yet again as they serve up more of their wicked good basil and expand their product offerings.

Comprehensive Farm Blueprints and Operational Support

Operating a vertical farm business goes beyond the inner workings of the farm itself. 

For every AmplifiedAg partner, our team develops a scalable farm blueprint that meets the present day needs of the business, with the goal to efficiently scale for future capacity requirements. And if your expanding business requires you to relocate to a new site, AmplifiedAg’s farm technology will easily follow. 

These facilities incorporate all operations, from processing and packaging, cold and dry storage, food safety entry points, food safe decking and cover, and rooms for business and farmers – designed to meet geographical and climate conditions.

All connected by our leading enterprise software system and supported by our thorough farm team customer care, our comprehensive platform is what drives our partners to achieve indoor farming success.


Unrivaled Industry Expertise

AmplifiedAg container farms, farm management software, and unparalleled experience provides farmers with every tool to operate a successful indoor farming business

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