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Value for AgTech Investors

The fully integrated AmplifiedAg technology solution has been proven at scale and offers investors and operators a highly flexible, fast, and capital-efficient means for expanding capacity

A Suite of Technology Solutions for Scalable CEA

Flexible Scalability

Our integrated technology and modular construction methodology allows operators and investors to develop and deploy necessary capacity as and easily scale as is necessary. 

Capital Efficiency

We have proven that our farm design and container model is the most capital efficient farm development model in the industry—allowing for greater output at lower Capex.

Speed To Market

While other vertical farm designs and formats can take 18-24 months (or more) from breaking ground to the first harvest—our timeline averages 15-20 weeks for a small or mid-sized farm.

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Planning and Implementation Services

Our team of advisors and engineers provide strategic planning and implementation support to help our customers plan, deploy, and manage successful CEA operations. 

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