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AmpEDGE™ Farm Management Software

AmpEdge technology is built with the strength of world-class engineering expertise and years of indoor farming experience. We have systematized the farming and business operations in a scalable, user-friendly format.

Indoor Farming, Amplified

AmpEDGE is designed to grow high-quality plants and profitable businesses. Smart technologies and electronics deliver thousands of data points daily. By connecting the software and technology needed for optimal plant growth to software needed for business operations, AmpEDGE provides farmers control and visibility to every aspect of the farm. 


ampedge cycle


Alerts icon overlapped onto a phone
Lights icon
Air icon showing temperature, air flow, and humidity
Water icon showing flow, temperature, and levels
Power icon with plug and wire outline
Nutrient Fertigation Icon showing science elements, a water droplet, and a measure meter


Food safety icon showing a shield outline with a fork and knife inside of the shield
Food Safety
Trace and track icon showing connected map pins
Traceability & Tracking
Logistics and Shipping Icon showing a delivery truck with a checkmark
Shipping & Logistics
Inventory icon showing a piece of paper with an checklist
Calendar Schedule Icon
Scheduling & Planning
Labeling printer icon


Sales orders icon showing a graph trending up and a dollar symbol
Sales Orders & Forecasting
Reports and Forecast Icon showing a chart trending up and a piechart graph
Finance and accounting icon
Finance & Accounting
Purchasing icon showing a dollar bill with outgoing arrows

The AmplifiedAg Operating System can be integrated in any agriculture environment

Types of farm environments, Container, Greenhouse, Warehouse, Outdoor, and Other

Proprietary Components

AmplifiedAg’s team of tenured experts in software engineering, manufacturing, horticulture and plant science collaborate to develop proprietary electronics and hardware technologies to optimize plant growth. These systems are integrated in our AMP-X farms to feed information to our AmpEDGE software, but can be integrated in other vertical farms.

IIoT Control Center

Fertigation System

AMP-X™ Modular Container Farm

Designed to scale with your business our vertical container farms are expertly engineered and configured for profitable operations.

Explore Amp-x containers